Are you fascinated with the ageless mysteries of space? Do the stars give a direction for your life? Is the dim glimmer of the sphere the source of your inspiration? The titillating theme of Turku Comic Society anthology of 2023 is MILKY WAY.

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You are free to interpret the theme as freely as you wish, and the comic name doesn’t have to be the theme name. The style of your comic can be anything you want but racism, discrimination or other vile and unpleasant material will not be published.

The deadline is in August 2023 (the exact date will be announced at a later date), and the anthology will be published at Turun Sarjakuvafestivaalit (Turku Comics Festival) in October. Your entry can be 1 to 10 pages.

Participating in the anthology

Finished entries can be uploaded in a Google Drive folder. You can request the folder link by emailing turunsarjakuvakerho(a) Please upload your entry and a picture of yourself, which may be either a drawing or a photo.

You will also get a link to a participator contract in which you will give Turku Comic Society a permission to use your entry in the anthology and marketing of it. We also require you not to publish your entry anywhere else over the next year.

Technical directions

The page size of the anthology will be B5.

The publication is black and white, so the entries need to be either monochrome or grayscale.

The digital material will be uploaded to Google Drive. The file format should be either TIFF or PNG.

Grayscale pictures should be scanned at 300 dpi and saved as grayscale.

Black and white pictures should preferably be scanned at 1200 dpi, but at least 600 dpi.

Please upload a picture of yourself as well as your entry. The scale of the picture is 1:1 so a square. It may be either a drawing or a photo.

If you don’t get a receiving confirmation of your materials in a week from sending, please email the editor Katariina Lappi (katariina.lappi(a)

For more information or help, please email Turku Comic Society board (turunsarjakuvakerho(a) or the anthology editor (katariina.lappi(a)

It is possible that we may not be able to use every entry in our publication if we receive more than there is space in the book or if the entry doesn’t fit in the entirety. We will inform the participant if this happens.

The entries will also be used to form an exhibition if possible, and we may use individual pages or panels in Turku Comic Society marketing.