The Turku Comics Society publishes a yearly anthology which was first launched in 2006. Over the years, the anthologies have featured works from dozens of artists, ranging from novices to established professionals. Alongside with anthologies, the Turku Comics Society also publishes other comics and non-fiction books on comics. Most of our publications can be found at Turku Comics Store!

Most of our publications are only in Finnish, with some having Swedish subtitles. Please email us at turunsarjakuvakerho(a) if you wish to know more about any of our publications.

Safe Space Guidelines

Guidelines of safer space are used in all of Turku Comics Society’s events

  • No discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, cissexism, ableism)
  • Don’t assume the gender, background, sexuality, abilities, or financial situation of others.
  • Give space and don’t touch others without permission
  • Give others an opportunity to speak
  • No violence
  • No body commentary
  • Accept the critique you might get and correct your behavior if needed
  • Don’t take photos without permission
  • If you encounter threatening behavior, harassment, discrimination, or other problems, please contact the Society’s board at turunsarjakuvakerho(a)