Please contact our office at turunsarjakuvakerho(a) for reservations, questions, and other matters. Kirjan talo does not always have people on-call and the entrance is kept locked, so to avoid disappointments, do contact us in advance!

A3 printer and copier

Our A3 printer and copier is available for our members with these prices:

A4 b/w: 5 cnt/side
A4 colori: 10 cnt/side
A3 b/w: 10 cnt/side
A3 color: 15 cnt/side

Non-member prices are as follows:

A4 b/w: 20 cnt/side
A4 colori: 50 cnt/side
A3 b/w: 50 cnt/side
A3 color: 1 €/side

How to use the printer copier:

  • Reserve a time slot by email
  • If you have never used this machine before, please ask for directions
  • After printing, tell us the amount of prints and pay for them
  • The stated amounts will be checked from a monthly report. If the amount has been stated falsely, the user will be banned for using the machine until the missing payment has been made. A bigger sanction defined by the board will be handed after 3 bans.


The Turku Comic Society has a good quality A3 scanner (Epson GT-2000) which members are free to use.

How to use the scanner:

  • The scanner may only be used by the Turku Comic Society members.
  • The scanner is for self service
  • You need to reserve a time slot to use the scanner. You may reserve up to 2 hours at a time.
  • Please be very careful when using the scanner to avoid scratching or staining the glass surface. The user is responsible for paying for any damages.
  • The scanner is attached to a computer. You may not install any additional software or programs on it. The scanner may also be attached to your own laptop.

Badge press

Our hand press for badge making is available for our members free of charge. You can use the press independently once you have received directions on using the press. You may ask for directions from our representative or employee when our office is staffed. The press is meant to be used in our office, but lending it out for a deposit or a small using fee can be negotiated. The press uses circular 39mm and 59mm badge bases that can be purchased from our representatives for €3/10 pieces, or you can bring your own.

Pavilion tent

Turku Comics Society owns a 3m x 3m blue pavilion tent which members can rent for €20 /24h or €50/weekend.